Friday Night D&D

Session 1: Arrival at Greenest

(aka adult Blue Dragons are nasty)

Location: Greenest

Farrergould Murnig Boondogglestickleworth Fitszelsnitch (Flitch),
Grimogar Bloodfang (Grim),
Rukumakk Thergard Arsmid (Ruk),
Sandrilene Everwood (Sandry),
Xanhorn Darkeyes (Xanhorn).

“For the past several days, you have been traveling a road that winds lazily across the rolling grasslands of the Greenfields. You’ve met up with fellow travellers heading in the same direction and travelled together for safety and companionship.
Sundown is approaching when you top a rise and see the town of Greenest just a few short miles away. But instead of the pleasant, welcoming town you expected, you see columns of black smoke rising from burning buildings, running figures that are little more than dots at this distance, and a dark, winged shape wheeling low over the keep that rises above the center of the town. Greenest is being attacked by a dragon!”


The heroes spy what they think are children being chased through the streets. They run into the town and encounter five humans dashing across a street. A limping, older man and three young children raced towards a gap between two buildings while a woman, carrying a round shield and a broken spear, turned and faced back in the direction from which they came. Numerous kobolds streamed out of the alley and surrounded her. She looked determined to delay the creatures as long as possible.

The battle ended quickly, in which Ruk earned the admiration of his colleagues, and an 8-year old girl, Marela Swift, for his ability to make Kobold heads look like exploding watermelons. The woman was felled in the fight but saved by Xan’s cantrip.

The heroes decided to head towards the keep at the centre of town. Voting that they were not the stealthy types to use the smoke, buildings and hedges to sneak along they took the main roads and walked confidently up the road – keeping an eye out but not making any real effort to escape notice. They were challenged at one point and got the drop on some human and half-orcs but one escaped and brought friends to harass them before the keep’s walls.

Continuing to stride down the main streets, several other combats also ensued, but the heroes won them all, though resources started to be depleted. Grim carried the unconscious woman, Linan Swift, which the group shepherded the old man and the 3 children.

Making it inside the keep, the heroes were thanked by Cuth Swift for saving himself, his daughter and his grandchildren. They were then taken to meet the 60-year old Governor Nighthill on the ramparts. The right side of Nighthill’s face and head were bandaged, his right arm hung in a sling, and his light blue tunic was stained with blood. Standing with Nighthill was Castellan Escobert the Red, a shield dwarf with knotted, tangled, bright red hair. The Castellan is in charge of the defense of the keep and carried numerous keys on a ring of iron.

Nighthill asked for the heroes aid. He began to explain the situation when suddenly a lookout screamed, “DRAGON!” and an adult blue dragon of enormous size swooped down opposite the rampart. Some guards fled in terror, but many held their ground.

Grim noted that the dragon seemed somewhat disinterested and disheartened by the mediocrity of scaring the keep occasionally and could probably be enticed to leave with a few well-placed arrows.

Flitch and Sandry followed Nighthill and Escobert into a tower while Grim, Ruk and Xan joined the defenders on the wall (but wisely staying away from the largest group of archers).

The dragon breathed a mighty bolt of lightning! (73 points of damage!) and killed eight archers. Chunks of masonry flew like missiles, wounding four more guards and Ruk. Xan and Grim jumped out of the way of a large piece of wall and took only minor grazing. That Ruk, who had loudly proclaimed his hate of all dragons, was the most damaged was ironic.

The party used magic, crossbows and thrown weapons to inflict 26 points of damage, which clearly only scratched the dragon but it was enough to encourage it to follow its desire and leave the battlefield. Flitch was embarrassed his most powerful spell, a Chromatic Orb, missed twice.

The point was made however – adult dragons are a danger unlike anything the party has met before. And they yearn to someday to be powerful enough to kill it.



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