Friday Night D&D

Session 4

Into the cave

Leosin Erlanthar requested the PCs investigate the raider’s camp again, to find out any important information; such as what they are doing now, and where they will strike next and what is in the cave. Following that, the heroes were to meet him in Elturel to report and get their reward. He gave them two 50gp gems as a deposit. Felkin the Traveller home of Scornubel is East of Elturel and he has been there several times to visit his mentor Ontharr Frume.

After resting up (2 HitDice for most – decided not to spend the extra day to completely recharge), the heroes returned to the camp, cautiously approaching from a concealed reconnaissance position.

They found that most of the forces had packed up and travelled away. After waiting a while to determine if it was a trap, they donned quick disguises to avoid being recognised (again!) and entered the camp.

They saw two hunters skinning fresh game near the entrance to the plateau. The hunters grunted in their direction and continued cutting the meat. The heroes kept walking as if they belonged.

After a small copse of trees they then came across a snarling, heavily tattooed wood elf, tied up on a game skinning rack. She had an arrow protruding from her torso while two hunters, who smelt of rotten cheese (bad BO) argued over her. One twisted the arrow, causing the elf to cry in pain and they started arguing over here again.

Deciding to intervene the PCs asked what was going on. With grunts and spit and mumbled words the hunters conveyed that they thought the elf was a lycanthrope and was posing as a deer when she was shot. They were debating what to do with her, with slitting her throat the prevalent argument. Still in disguise the heroes managed to convince the hunters to go back to their duties and turn the elf over to them.

The wood elf only spoke in Elven and Xan, with the aid of Felkin, talked to her. They asked her name and she said “Silverain”… but Felkin thought he heard her mumble “Silvermane” first…

The heroes released her and gave her some healing. Grunting at Xan, the wary (and naked) elf disappeared into the undergrowth, displaying an unnerving ability to hide. While the party debated trying to follow her to ensure she was ok, she returned… covered head to toe in blood. In her right hand was a twisted, strange spear one of her torturers had carried. Still naked, she had a baldric made of twisted vines, off which hung the four hunter heads. Begrudingly she handed Xan (who had been the first to notice her stealthy return) what appeared to be an enchanted elven cloak – before she again disappeared into the copse of trees.

Moving further through the abandoned camp the heroes noted the kobold hovels were burnt or torn down but many of the human structures further in the camp seemed to be intact but empty. Except for a couch, where one hipster ex-cultists was erecting a “Free Couch” sign. Apparently he had enough of the cultist game and was returning to his farm. He couldn’t take his most excellent couch and offered it to the heroes, who accepted. It truly was magnificent, something none but Sandy had ever beheld before. And it only had one stain on the corner…

The PCs also passed some men who were arguing about where the camp had gone. West, in the direction of Baldurs Gate seemed to be the correct answer, but it was not 100% clear as these three wanna-bees were likely deliberately abandoned by the cult leaders.

A kobold, madly digging in the ground was confronted. He screamed blessings to Tiamat and tried to hump the heroes. He was executed promptly.

The heroes then entered a cave that still seemed to be in use. Unable to bluff past the sentries (who were dressed in more official attire than the ad-hoc raiders), and battle ensued. Another man, dressed in simple clothes, appeared, screaming before he soon collapsed. It was noticed that something was trying to come out of his chest! He was killed before that could happen and three half-formed dragon-like heads exploded from his chest. They were promptly stomped on.

In the next area, an underground mushroom forest, filled with violet fungus which attacked the group, while they attempted to rescue a snooty halfling named Tom Haverford. Tom filled us in on the chestbursting man – apparently several others underwent the same ritual – the others were not afflicted as he was and were celebrated, and departed with the camp. All very strange. The stairs leading down to the fungus were trapped but spotted and avoided.

After the battle a myconoid revealed itself. Non-hostile it indicated the dry floor (which seemed to once had water on it) and then to a dark spot in the opposite wall. Approaching, it was determined that the wall was a creature of stone! It seemed to be blocking the entry of moisture into this cavern. Ruk remembered this creature from legend – a Galeb Duhr – that when aroused had destroyed an entire squad of well equipped miners and guards. It was recalled that Galeb Duhr’s eat gems though and so Felkin fed the two party gems to it, hoping it would be satisfied and leave. It did not. The rest of the party tried to get Flekin to lead it away with the 2nd gem, but the large stone hand reaching for it seemed a little persuasive and he gave it up immediately. The myconoid was visibly upset when the party gave up and moved on.



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