Farrergould Murnig Boondogglestickleworth Fitszelsnitch (Flitch)
Gnome Wizard (abjuration)
from The Great Dale

Grimogar Bloodfang (Grim)
Half-orc Fighter, two-weapon fighting
recently of Crimmor

Rukumakk Thergard Arsmid (Ruk)

Shield Dwarf Barbarian
from Citadel Felbarr

Sandrilene Everwood (Sandry)

Human Rogue
from Suzail in Cormyr

Xanhorn Darkeyes (Xanhorn)
Half-Elf Cleric of Waukeen
from Baldur’s Gate

From session 3 also joined by:

Felkin the Traveller (Felkin)
Half-Elf Bard
from Scornubel


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